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PreSale starts today 28th Feb 4pm UTC +8!
30% Bonus in PreSale!



Join Telegram Airdrop and Get 100 MR tokens! For first 5000 members only!

Join our bounty program!



Bounty Program

A Bounty Program is being made available, with the link on Bitcointalk coming soon. We've taken great care to recruit a team of Bounty Program Managers who are well respected on the forum. We hope that you all approve. The link to the Bounty Program can be found here: Bounty Program Announcement

Social Referral Program

We will also soon be providing details of our Social Referral Program.


Who are you?

We are a small team of enthusiasts and co-thinkers concerned about the future of our planet.

Why should I join you?

We do not force you. Everyone has an individual choice and interests – we appreciate it. We offer to join us for a close-knit community that values nature preservation.

Why did you choose Etherium?

Etherium’s opportunities do not restrict us in any way. This platform is perfect for tackling our tasks. The core thing is that it’s safe, fast, cheap and time-tested.

Is there a future for the team of developers?

We plan to support our community forever. We will always have a job as we protect nature.

Will tokens be sold?

No. This contradicts our concept. This is not the purpose of GREEN token. It is possible to receive a token through Airdrop for free.

How can we help nature?

After the completion of Airdrop, we aim to enter stock exchanges. Big investors will buy tokens and thereby make donations.
In the future, we will have partners and sponsors (we have certain agreements to be announced later). We will stay fully accountable to our community.

Today’s world is packed with scammers, why should we believe you?

We do not ask for your money and we will never do. We do not sell anything now. We seek to reach many people with our idea.


The Ethereum token standard (ERC20) is used for Ethereum smart contracts.

Total supply: 45,000,000

Contract adress: 0x108caf59641fc5d27502a87e641872b62d606ae2

Token Symbol: GREEN

Decimals:  8

25 000 000 GREEN Airdrop (5000 participants)
 5 000 000 GREEN Reserved for development, partners, sponsors
 5 000 000 GREEN Reserved for listing exchange
 5 000 000 GREEN Bounty
 3 000 000 GREEN Reserved for marketing
 1 000 000 GREEN Lucky Draw (200 participants - December 2017)
 1 000 000 GREEN Lucky Draw (200 participants - January 2018)

Spreadsheets (Check! Duplicates are highlighted.)

Start distribution 21 November 2017. 5000 participants! Duplicates will be deleted!


Introducing GREEN token.
Announcing Airdrop, launching registration.
Closing registration. Distributing tokens.


Creating a forum for community support.
Distribution of duties.
Searching for partners, sponsors.

2018 Q1

Creating GREEN universal wallet.
Opening the first store GREEN Wallet.
Establishing a foundation for nature protection.
Taking part in charity.
(This is a small part of what we want right now. The road map will be expanded.)

Web Site
White Paper
Telegram (Russian)
Bouty Campaign

In other languages

Bahasa Indonesia

Now we can talk about nature through blockchain technology!

Together we can create a huge community of like-minded people! If you have GREEN token, you care about the future of our planet.
The world has many examples of large companies addressing nature preservation issues.
Using their experience, we decided to create a community through blockchain.

We look forward to your cooperation offers. Please, write to us:

Bouty Campaign




A total of 1.500.000 GFi Tokens are allocated to Airdrop.

Only 5 stages (weeks):
07.11 - 13.11 (IS LIVE)
14.11 - 20.11
21.11 - 27.11
28.11 - 04.12
04.12 - 11.12

Each subsequent week, the individual award will be increased, but this is only for those who take part from the very first week.

First payments will be made after pre-ICO.

Take part in Airdrop -

A total of 1.500.000 GFi Tokens are allocated to Airdrop.

Only 5 stages (weeks):
07.11 - 13.11 (IS LIVE)
14.11 - 20.11
21.11 - 27.11
28.11 - 04.12
04.12 - 11.12

Each subsequent week, the individual award will be increased, but this is only for those who take part from the very first week.

First payments will be made after pre-ICO.

Take part in Airdrop -


If you had participated in 1st airdrop here is the details to check tokens you received
Thank you for participating

Code: [Select]
Contact address: <a title="See this address on the blockchain explorer" href="" class="ext-etheraddresslookup-link" target="_blank">0xAa37e59d7608eB96bef18Ef1E29400E14bE1562e</a>decimals: 18
Token symbol: CRN
You can view your received tokens at or METAMASK


The world's first blockchain-powered online education platform
with token scholarships & tech talent acquisition

Smart incentives • The world's best MOOCs • Powered by the Ethereum • Decentralized

1. What is BitDegree Foundation:

2. Problems That We Solve:

3. BitDegree Solutions:

4. Token Distribution and Economy:

5. BitDegree Roadmap:

6. Team and Advisors behind BitDegree:

BITDEGREE  //  The world's first blockchain-powered online education platform with token scholarships & tech talent acquisition
Website | Slack | Twitter | BLOG | Telegram | Facebook | Yotube

██ █ ██ █ ████ ████▄        BITDEGREE ICO ❱ Q4 2017        ▄████ ████ █ ██ █ ██

SocialStake - SCS
-Same Dev as BitcoinStake & BitcoinCashStake & LitecoinStake & DashStake

What is SocialStake?

SocialStake is the social currency with PoS 5% per year.  Get paid to promote other people's content on social media. Your number of "Reach" (eg: Twitter followers, Facebook friends, etc.) will be equivalent to SocialStake coins.  This coin already has a use, and is a great way to virally share your content.  The more users share this coin, the more valuable the coin becomes. SocialStake is 100% Free Airdrop Distribution (to virally share this ANN).

Wallet software

Windows Wallet: [1][2]
Linux Wallet: [1][2]
Source: [1][2]

Airdrop Details

  I want to reward early adopters, and share the early growth of SocialStake. The free airdrop will be as follows: (~400,000,000 SocialStake coins total)

  1) ALL MEMBERS QUALIFY, including Brand New & Newbie Accounts:

  2) Share This ANN on Social Media.

  3) Your "Reach" (eg: Twitter followers, Facebook friends, etc.) = Airdrop SocialStake Coins.

  4) You will need to PM BOTH Receiving Address AND Share link to get airdrop.

  5) You may claim airdrops DAILY.  If you share this content often, you will get airdrops often.

  The transaction and usernames will be logged in google spreadsheet publicly viewable.

  View Spreadsheet Here   - All transactions have been accounted for in this document (including dev staking coins and reserve)

  We don't have a block explorer yet, but when we do, you can verify it.

  Download the Wallet, PM me your Receiving Address AND Share Link, and I'll send the Coins and update the spreadsheet.  
 Reply Thank you if you received the coins so people can verify.

If you are a Social Media Supplier, and want to get exposure from customers, PM me and I will add you to this list (so people can find you easier):

View SocialStake Suppliers Here:

Technical Specifications

  Algorithm Scrypt
  Type PoW/PoS
  Coin name SocialStake
  Coin abbreviation SCS
  Address letter S
  RPC port 25090
  P2P port 25089
  Block reward 1,000 coins
  Total coin supply 1,000,000,000 coins
  Premine percent 58%
  Premine amount 580,00,000 coins

  PoS percentage   5% per year
  Last PoW block   block 10,000
  Coinbase maturity 10 blocks
  Target spacing 64 seconds
  Target time span 1 block
  Transaction confirmations 6 blocks


Anyone who wants to develop these items to progress the coin will be awarded: 1,000,000 SocialStake Coins.

1) Getting Coin listed on first exchange
2) Block Explorer
3) Compile Mac OS Wallet from source
4) Mobile Wallets (Android/iOS)
5) First PR article published on well respected crypto news site.
6) Write and Publish White Paper
7) Create and operate Social Media Channels (Twitter, Facebook, Slack, Reddit, Telegram, etc)
8 ) Upload source code to github
9) Compile wallet for Raspberry Pi

F.A.Q. and troubleshoot

  How do I add nodes?
   1. You must download the wallet, open it and then close it.
   2. Go to your %appdata% folder (just type %appdata% into the Windows Explorer address bar)(/home/username/.socialstake/socialstake.conf for Linux)
   2. Create file called socialstake.conf
   4. Open the socialstake.conf file with Notepad and copy&paste the nodes(below) into the file.

Code: [Select]
  5. Again start the wallet and wait for it to be synced.

  How to stake coins?
   1) First you need a balance, to stake.
   2) Leave your wallet open, don't spend your coins.
   3) You can reserve certain amount of coins to stake, under "settings > options" in wallet GUI
   4) Coins start staking after holding for 10 blocks.  Passively.

  How I can run a Node?
        -If you have your wallet open and are connected to the internet, you are running a node.

  Why I didn't Receive my Airdrop Coins?

   1) You should, everybody is qualified, as long as you send Receiving Address & Share Link.


The world's first blockchain-powered online education platform
with token scholarships & tech talent acquisition

Smart incentives • The world's best MOOCs • Powered by the Ethereum • Decentralized

1. What is BitDegree Foundation:

2. Problems That We Solve:

3. BitDegree Solutions:

4. Token Distribution and Economy:

5. BitDegree Roadmap:

6. Team and Advisors behind BitDegree:

BITDEGREE  //  The world's first blockchain-powered online education platform with token scholarships & tech talent acquisition
Website | Slack | Twitter | BLOG | Telegram | Facebook | Yotube

██ █ ██ █ ████ ████▄        BITDEGREE ICO ❱ Q4 2017        ▄████ ████ █ ██ █ ██


The CoinPennant platform will introduce a social network where traders and analysts will be able to collaborate more efficiently. Based on subscriptions, analysts will be able to provide traders with the information on trading opportunities. Additionally, CoinPennant will automatically perform and evaluate chart patterns and trigger signals to the subscribers.

Our goals are:

Technical analysis - Perform technical analysis of several cryptocurrencies to provide predictions about their future values.

One of the ways to determine the value of a cryptocurrency is to analyze the trend of its value. Technical analysis is a methodology to forecast the direction of price through a study of the past market data, primarily the price and volume. It uses charts, historical data and other tools to identify patterns that can be used as a basis for investment decisions.

These methods originate from financial markets where their usage is a common practice and their outcome is vital to traders and investors.

The CoinPennant platform will regularly generate technical analyses on several cryptocurrencies and will automatically provide information about their trends to every subscriber. Every analysis will be graphically presented.  A detailed dashboard will provide a historical view on all analyses.

One of the analyses will be automatical determination of support lines in the charts. The platform will identify the movement of the charts towards that line. Some additional indicators will be introduced (e.g. RSI, MACD, Moving Averages, volume) to be even more precise about a potential bounce of the chart. Several other indicators and chart patterns will be introduces through the lifecycle of the projects, based on an incremental approach. All will help us to obtain the common goal, to trigger a notification on a potentially upcoming change of the market state.

Social Network - A social network will allow traders and investors to collaborate and identify the best investment.

A social network will connect analysts and traders to collaborate in an efficient way. CoinPennant will use several techniques to identify efficient trades. What traders are looking for in an expert is a regular communication and a reliable identification of profitable investments. A feedback on signals will be possible which means if analyst made a profitable investment, it will be easily identified and rated. Liars and boasters will be identified quickly and will lose their followers

Copy trading - Users will be able to subscribe to notifications about predictions on investment opportunities.

Our social network will allow analysts to inform traders of their investments – copy paste trading. Copy trading is almost as simple as it sounds. If you see somebody whose investments impress or interest you, you copy them. When an analyst - that you follow and trust - invests into a certain crypto asset, you can copy his action. There are several benefits for new traders from this copy trading technique. It is an opportunity to learn from people with a proven track record, it reduces the need to manually monitor your own portfolio and it allows everybody to diversify his/her investments.

Marketplace - A subscription based business model will allow the user to get the latest information about the selected cryptocurrencies from analysts and technical analysis results.

It is important to get a full overview of the status, trading and investment opportunities for your favorite crypto assets. The social network will maximize  10 your investment possibilities by including a highly informative marketplace dashboard. It will provide you with the information about top traders, current trading cryptocurrencies and other trends. The marketplace will offer the possibility to subscribe to different types of notifications.

The CoinPennant offers a subscription-based business model. Traders will be able to choose between different analysts and to subscribe to a chartpattern based investment signal for the selected cryptocurrencies. The platform will notify the contributors with all signals via mobile text message,e-mail, mobile app or push notifications. All subscriptions will be based on the newly introduced cryptocurrency.

Subscriptions - Introduction of a new cryptocurrency to handle the subscriptions.

Payments for all subscriptions will be supported by a newly introduced cryptocurrency token.

Target users

CoinPennant will provide new opportunities for analysts and traders


Analysts will provide the subscribers with information on cryptocurrency markets with their expertise mostly to allow them to perform copy trading and trading recommendations.
Everyone will be able to define their crypto-portfolio to provide a crucial information about their services to potential subscriptions from traders.


Traders will be able to subscribe on the feeds of the analysts. The CoinPennant platform will notify them of trading signals issued by the analysts. Reviews and feedbacks to the analysts will be possible and made public, so traders can choose the right subscription package for them. Secondly, they will be able to subscribe to daily technical analyses on selected cryptocurrencies as the system will perform automatically.

CoinPennant is a collaborative platform for traders and analysts, enabling them to identify the ideal trading opportunities.

CoinPennant will provide several possibilities for you to be informed of future investment opportunities. The platform will provide a customizable management overview of all crypto assets for the subscriber. The analysts will also be provided with a management overview of all their subscribers, it will offer an advanced messaging system dashboard and a detailed overview over their favorite cryptocurrencies.

Where we see a Problem

The cryptocurrency market has grown extremely in the past years. There are a lot of coins available on the market and we can expect even more blockchain solutions and underlying cryptocurrencies in the future. For investor or trader a market analysis will become more complex and time consuming. Making a technical analysis for several thousands of cryptocurrencies is practicaly impossible. Furthermore, the investment into crytocurrency world will become even harder for an ordinary investor and the decision which coin to pick will be very complex.

Our Solution

The CoinPennant system offers a cryptocurrency analysis and a social platform for investors, traders and analysts. The goal of this platform is to establish a cooperative environment where stakeholders can decide about their investment or trading opportunities based on other participants' opinion and computer-detected patterns and facts. The platform consists of three major parts:

Chart pattern analysis

The platform will analyze cryptocurrencies and inform you if any chart pattern is detected.

Trading indicators

You will receive the information about market movements (volume changes, bigger market price changes etc)

Social platform for analysts and traders

You will be able to copy other traders or become an analyst and offer your tips to others.


MILESTONE #1 - Q4 2017

Minimal visible product
Basic indicators are included (e.g. significant value changes)

MILESTONE #2 - Q1 2018

Basic chart pattern identification based on the data of one exchange platform

MILESTONE #3 - Q2 2018

Basic social network
Additional enhanced chart pattern identification for market timing
Portfolio overview

MILESTONE #4 - Q3 2018

Inclusion of several exchange platforms in order to provide more precise chart pattern results
Subscription support integrated into the social network

MILESTONE #5 - Q4 2018

Expanded social network functionality
Copy trade functionality
Provide an API for B2B integration and automatic communication with 3rd parties

MILESTONE #6 - Q1 2019

Trending assets
Supported comparisons between investors for easier investment decisions

MILESTONE #7 - Q2 2019

Mobile app implementation with the support for social platform

Token Sale

CoinPennant is selling CPT tokens during our token sale.

Start date: November 17th, 2017 at 2pm UTC
End date: December 17th, 2017 at 2pm UTC
Price: 3000 CPT for 1 ETH (price updated dynamically, depend on ETH price)
Accepted currencies: ETH

Distribution details
CPT tokens will be issued on the Ethereum platform as an ERC20 smart contract token. CPT tokens will be distributed immediately upon purchase through our Ethereum smart contract.

Money distribution

55% of raised tokens will be used for operations of the CoinPennant platform for the next 1,5 years. This includes development, administration, marketing, financial and legal consultancy, etc.
11% will be used to develop a detailed business plan. This includes funding of strategic planning and project support.
10% will be distributed among founders and the initial development team for their efforts, resources, and technologies contributed to the development.
10% will be used for marketing, bounty program and PR.
9% will be distributed among early backers and investors.
5% will be distributed among the first joined analysts in the platform.

Earn CPT

Refer friends and earn CPT. For every friend that joins, you get 50 CPT+ 5% of the CPT they buy, and they get 15% referral bonus on the CPT they buy.
Get your unique referral link at

Sign Up Promotion

For a limited time: Earn 50 ÇPT for free when you sign up at

Content Promotion

For a limited time, get paid in CPT when you publish high quality material about CPT on your blog, website, Youtube channel, or email list. Now accepting all languages.

See more details in Bounty program here

Useful Links

--- CoinPennant team


Facebook Sharing Task / TOP Facebook Campaign 500
« on: September 03, 2017, 07:34:52 PM »
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The Task
Post this ad to 10 facebook group and earn 500 Cryptovillecoin for every facebook group up to 10 facebook groups
The TOP project team will announce the dates of the ICO next week. Follow the news!
Our token is designed to create a decentralized video industry. The global video industry is growing, generating billions of revenue for authors, advertisers and YouTube video hosting. Despite this, the current bureaucratic system largely underestimates the authors’ incomes.

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Facebook Sharing Task / Cove Identity Campaign
« on: September 02, 2017, 08:17:07 PM »
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Get 500 Cryptovillecoin for each facebook group you posted this ad up to 10 groups

Cove helps people take control of their digital identity. They can digitise their important documents, keep them private and secure, share with anyone, and get the validations back. Our product already exists and is available on app stores for use with 100s of downloads.

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Facebook Sharing Task / Bitconnectcoin Campaign Earn 500 CVT
« on: September 01, 2017, 02:16:19 PM »
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The momentum of #bitcoin, #BCC has maintained its upward trend and is projected to continue its #growth trend throughout 2017.

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Facebook Sharing Task / Bitconnectcoin campaign
« on: August 25, 2017, 06:56:43 AM »
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Bitconnect Coin, one of the fastest-growing altcoins in the history of cryptocurrencies has announced a change in its branding. The change was affected after another company with a similar logo raised an objection.

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A must for cryptocurrency traders and investors
Convert Hundreds Of Crypto Currencies Instantly To Your Preferred local Currency

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