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Philippines / Nag iinvest din ba kayo sa ibang cryptocurrency o altcoin?
« on: September 01, 2017, 05:20:32 PM »
Alam naman ng lahat na naging milyonaryo ang mga unang adopter ng Bitcoin at ng iba pang coin tulad ng litecoin,ethereum at iba pang coins..

Nag iinvest din ba kayo ngayun sa ibang altcoin na may mataas na potential sa market sa hinaharap?

STeX Smart Token Exchange is the 1-st Exchange Aggregator and Smart Platform to trade all coins in one place.

PreSale is open now!

Join new project from the founder of renowned KeyCAPTCHA service
used by 20,000 companies and serving 40,000,000 users every month
with 99.99% uptime sinсe 2010!
STeX is 1-st publicly owned cryptoexchange with 100% commission distribution among token holders.
We have what other exchanges don't have - a complex solution to solve liquidity problem
and we know precisely how to implement this into reality.
We have announced STeX Award! Bounty Campaign at

  The pain we alleviate:
The cryptocurrency world has experienced such an enormous and explosive growth in recent years
that no existing crypto exchange is capable of “swallowing”. One coin is trading on one exchange, the
other coin is on the other, but there is no one and single place for all coins. But we are providing one
single place and platform to trade all existing coins and we exactly know how to implement this in

No known exchange is doing specific calculations for high net investors. Without this information,
more or less larger investor cannot take an informed decision. The scourge of the modern exchange is
terrible liquidity. This is right there where we deploy our private algorithms and technical solutions to
solve this problem. We cannot fully disclose our how-to solutions and all the technical details because
of competitors. We believe in Warren Buffet’s strategy of building up a moat around our business
model and successfully implementing it in the crypto sphere.

 Smart & sophisticated platform for everyone
You can choose who and what you want to be in the market:

1. User or Trader
Whether you want a simple coin-to-coin exchange or intraday trading, we will provide
planet-wide best rates for thousands of crosses and much better liquidity than ever before because of
sophisticated arbitrage algorithms and unique platform architecture. You will get access to all types of
orders, starting from stop-loss to conditional, based on technical indicators. You will be able to assess
with a click of a mouse what bid/ask spread you will get based on the size of your position. With the
new architecture it will become possible for all orders be routed in such a way to get the best fill price
among all other exchanges and with maximum possible speed.

2. New Financial Universe
Open your own hedge fund in just one click - or choose one to invest in. Scan the market for
successful traders and managers with your own criteria - or set your own rules to attract investors - in
fully secured and scum-protected platform.

3. Full magnitude of financial services
We are going to bring futures and options to the cryptocurrency trading. If you are far from financial
markets - it is a more professional and effective way of trading securities than direct-trade, because of
build-in leverage. With futures you can open a position in a coin - covering just a fraction of it as a
deposit - and still keep 100% of profits.

We have detailed, worked out solutions to most existing problems in exchanges, which indeed are
brilliant. In order to protect ourselves from competitors, we are going to disclose more details right on
the ICO eve.

  Competitive advantage
Our idea is simple - and extremely complex at the same time. We clearly know how to become the
hub of liquidity and central crypto exchange. Our top priority tasks are filling orders with highest
possible speed at most attractive bid/ask prices and providing the convenience of all trading
instruments in demand. Our advantage is 20 years of successful practical experience in this field on
traditional stock, futures and options exchanges and technically perfectly skilled programmers team.
Knowledge and speed of implementation are our friends to keep competitors behind at a safe distance.
The time has come to bring the full force and scope of traditional financial market's instruments into
cryptocurrency niche such as:

• Higher liquidity
• Cross-rates
• All possible types of orders such as stop loss and conditional ones based on technical
• Futures
• Leverage
• Options
• Indexes and ETFs
• Investors and managers
Out-of-the-box in one trading platform. And what’s more important, we’re giving freedom to everyone
to gain from any role they want to pick in this new forming reality.
Key concepts:
1. With relatively small financial investments, we will be able to create a global trading platform.
The rest of funds will go to market making activities to create even higher liquidity.
2. Horizontal scaling. Our ready to use technology and platform architecture will easily handle any
number of growing user base. With our previous successful KeyCaptcha project 40 million users,
several billion database entries and over 100k of requests per second not at all problem for us.
3. Our technical team is perfectly capable to handle a 100x increase of trading volume and
revenue. That means more monthly dividends for our investors.
4. The key problem of other exchanges is snail like speed and order routing delays. We have a
ready to implement recipe to solve this problem.
5. Convexity of risk/return. For those of you not familiar with options trading, this term means
having little risk with a large potential profit. Our secret sauce is that we have a ready solution how to
use this principle in crypto exchange to propel trading cryptocurrencies on a totally new level.
6. We are moving at an extremely high speed. Our team is able to implement quite a complex
project in the shortest possible time.

  5 bullet-proof reasons for end users to stick with this project from the very beginning:
1. You'll get 100% commission free trades every month in the amount 100 times more than that of
subscription itself (current 30-days SMA from market value of STeX token is used for this porpouse) in
the form of a rebate.
2. Advanced benefit for original ICO subscribers - you'll get 20% bonus from commissions
distribution as long as you keep holding originally distributed tokens. Tokens, bought after ICO on the
open market, do not have this advantage. This means that tokens, that never changed owner, share a
20% of commission distribution among them, and over time less amount of originally bought tokens
will share ever growing stake of distributions.
3. After this 20% distribution we are going to distribute the rest of commissions (80%) among all
existing tokens, including original ICO tokens.
4. How to hack our system! You can link unlimited number of trading accounts to your token holding
account and use the feature mentioned in the paragraph 1 as a referral system, sharing commission
rebate mentioned above at the rate of 95% / 5% with any affiliated account.
5. We will distribute all 100% of collected commissions among our shareholders excluding expenses
on a regular monthly basis. (STE) Token Structure
We designed our token in such a way that it could fully support the whole life cycle of our DAO. Such
measures have been undertaken so that to make sure the price of STE would continually strengthen
and grow. First, presell investors will get 10% of the tokens sold during ICO. Second, the price at the
beginning of ICO would double from the very start and will double every 5% of tokens is sold. We even
provided the way “to hack our system” in order for our investors to benefit the most using our partner
and distribution program after starts functioning and generating commissions.

  Investor advantages:
1. Fixed token supply of 100 000 000 STE (8 decimals) with no possibility of additional
emission. You can rest assured no extra tokens will ever appear in the circulation. We
deliberately excluded such a scenario. After ICO we will burn unsold tokens. This provision is
made in the DAO contract.
2. Transparent Phase 1 (Presell) terms with the minimum limit of 500 ETH and maximum
cap of 15 000 ETH to raise. The cap during presell phase is needed to make sure the presell
investors are not diluted during the ICO phase. This provision is made in the DAO contract.
3. Presell investors are generously rewarded for early contribution and will get 10% of the
funds raised during the next ICO. For example, if we raise 2 500 ETH during presell and 250
000 ETH during ICO, 25 000 ETH will be distributed among the presell investors. That is 10
times more than you invested and 1000% return on investment. We are planning to begin ICO
after 1-2 months after presell phase. This provision is made in the DAO contract.
4. If the minimum limit is not reached during Phase 1 (presell) all ether is returned to
investors automatically. This provision is made in the DAO contract.
5. The presell is deemed successful and automatically stops before official closing time if
the cap of 15 000 ETH is reached. This provision is made in the DAO contract.
6. During the ICO the STE coin price will automatically double after every 10% portion of
coins is sold. For example, if the start price of STE is 0.001 ETH, after 10% of all tokens is
sold, the price will become 0.002 ETH, after another 10% (that is 20%) it will be 0.004 and so
on. You will be able to sell your tokens after the ICO ends.
7. Upon completion of the public ICO all investors of the presell round receive 10% of the
amount raised during ICO.
8. After ICO the founders receive a 30% stake in the company in the form of STE tokens.
After the tokens are allocated to the founders, all tokens that are not sold are destroyed, it is
calculated by the following formula: Tokens for Destruction = General Supply - Presell Sum –
ICO Amount - Founder's tokens. This is the provision of the token’s contract.
9. Our contract ensures the distribution of profits is made proportionally to the number of
tokens you hold relative to their total supply. So, if you own 12% of our tokens, then you will
receive 12% of the exchange profits.

  Core Team

  Dividends plan
We expect to get hold of at least 5% of currency-exchange market in the first year of operations and
become one of 10 biggest cryptocurrency exchanges.
• Current market daily trade volume on major exchanges: $1,000,000,000 -$4,000,000,000
• Yearly volume growth: ~1,000%. Projected daily volume in one year: ~$10,000,000,000
• 5% share of this market (our target): $500,000,000-$2,000,000,000
• Our daily commissions based on industry average 0.2%: $1,000,000 - $4,000,000
• Commissions to be distributed daily for each 1000 STE tokens based on calculations above: $10-$40. That amounts to $300-1,200 a month in just dividends.
• Yearly commissions distribution for 1,000 STE tokens: $3,650-$14,600
And you can get 1,000 tokens now for just 1 ETH which is equivalent of $200.
So, your expected (but not guaranteed) yearly ETH return can be 18 to 73 times of original
contribution. Up to 73,000%.
And remember, we are just talking about internal potential value of the project itself, excluding
opportunity to sell STE token at a much higher price in the open market because of high demand and
expectations of further price rising.
Note: all numbers provided in USD for demonstration purposes only.

  Road Map
What has already been done by our team:
  • We’ve created a new concept of exchange system and basic market-making algorithms, which
    differentiate our project from any other existing on the market at the moment. Key advantages of our
    system are HFT (high frequency trading) algorithms, able to provide an order more liquidity for coin-to-coin
    exchange in one place than ever before. The result of that for an end user will be much narrower
    spreads between buy and sell offers, and an ability to trade much bigger amounts from a single trading
  • After presell it will take up to 1 month to hire the rest of the development team (mostly programmers for the front-end)
    and the amount of funds we'll get on presell stage determines how fast we can build the prototype and
    move forward.
  • We expect to create architecture and API's in two months, and within the next two months – the
    system core with all the algorithms will be ready. The front end user interface is expected to come to
    life from within 4 to 6 months from the beginning of development.
  • In about 8 months we are going to bring advanced financial instruments like leverage, portfolio
    margin, futures and options to blockchain world - ready to use for everyone wishing to get most out of
    cryptocurrency trading.

STeX Up! Sophisticated partner program

We link your Ethereum wallet to your partner referral id so that no payment is missed.
This provision is made in our Ethereum contract and we cannot change it after deployment. This ensures all partners get their 10% commission in about 15 minutes after transaction is confirm on Ethereum network.
Find out more at

STEX Smart Token Exchange Bounty Program STeX Award!

Total bounty budget is 3% of all tokens issued during both preSale phase and next ICO.  Total coin supply is limited to 100,000,000 STE tokens. Unsold tokens are burned automatically as a provision in the Ethereum contract.

1)   We have made a very special state-of-the art bounty program STeX Award! based on our AI core. Whenever a make a comment, post with your signature link, a video on YouTube with your link in the description, just copy the page address (url) and place this into the special form on our website along with your Ethereum wallet address. Both our artificial intelligence and manual moderation will place this URL into our database and at the end of the preSale and ICO calculate the size of the stake you earned by spreading the news about our unique project.

2)   We also suggest that you join our STeX Up! partner program and earn 10% on every investor you recommend. You just need to fill in your Ethereum wallet for payouts a get your personal referral link.

3)   And that’s not all. Choose to get paid either in ETH or our STE tokens. All payments are done after preSale end and during ICO automatically per your request by clicking the Withdraw button on our website. This provision is made in our Ethereum contract and we can’t change it. This guarantees everybody gets paid in full.

What’s unique about our STeX Award! bounty program?

It’s automatic and fair you can spread the news where people talk about cryptocurrencies, ICO, presale and blockchain. Our algorithms will calculate the number of visitors, clicks, likes, filter out spam and distribute the 3% pool proportionally among all participants. Translation and other specific campaigns will get additional reward and are checked on manual basis. YouTube video reviews are given special priority. So, make the most of it.
Warning! Don’t spam! We block spammers forever!
Make all comments meaningful, add a unique spin to a post and contribute creatively.

Bounty STE coins are distributed as follows:
Translation campaign 10%
Youtube compaing 40%
Signature, Reddit, twitter, facebook, blog campaigns 50%

Bounty thread is here

Other languages
Indonesian -
Polish -
German -
Spanish -
Portuguese by ismart1
Portuguese WhitePager
Arabic -
Arabic WhitePaper -
Vietnamese  -
Filipino -
Greek WhitePaper

PreSale website:
White paper

Magandang balita ito sa lahat ng mga Pilipinong involve sa crypto currency trading magkakaroon na rin ang mga Pilipino ng sarili at local na exchange at ito ay under sa supervision pa ng Central bank ang disadvantage nga lang baka pilitin tayo mag verifiy ng account tulad ng ginagawa ng ..

Ano sa palagay nyo mga kabayan advantage ba ito o hindi sa atin.

Announcement / Re: BannerCoin ICO BCOIN [Official Announcement]
« on: August 22, 2017, 07:46:22 PM »
BannerCoin Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
aka Token-Swap

BCOIN Sale Begins
Friday, September 15, 2017 at Midnight PDT


The BannerCoin project is designed to help promote the acceptance and use of
various digital currencies by website merchants for purchase of their goods and services. This project will enable the acceptance of digital currencies by these merchants. The BannerCoin token is a cryptocurrency used with BannerCharge that can be redeemed for service credits. All BannerOS customers who use BannerCharge to accept payments via digital currencies will be required to accept the BannerCoin token as a form of payment. There could be a growing market of merchants accepting it for actual goods and services. Each BannerCoin token
will be redeemable for one (1) credit. These credits can then be used toward recurring services provided by limited to website
hosting and BannerOS related license fees including BannerGrips that are billed on a monthly or other recurring basis at a rate of 1 credit per $1 value of service purchased.

White Paper:

Announcement / [ANN] Auctus | Smart Contracts Powered Pension Funds
« on: August 11, 2017, 01:02:13 PM »

Auctus Project mission is to provide transparency and reliability for pension funds using Ethereum Smart Contracts.

Read the Auctus Whitepaper to get comprehensive information about the project. All suggestions and opinions are welcome.

Bitcoin Discussions / [Guide] Handling splits: UASFs, BIP148, etc.
« on: August 11, 2017, 12:55:20 PM »
Note : This is not an orginal article I got it and request permission to Theymos, the administrator of

Although it hasn't happened before, and it is very undesirable, it is possible for Bitcoin to split into two non-negligible separate currencies.

Why is this possible? / What causes a split?

There is no actual BTC in your Bitcoin wallet: there are only private keys which are used to unlock and then transfer ownership of BTC stored in the Bitcoin system. BTC never actually leaves the Bitcoin system. A split creates a clone of the original cryptocurrency, but with modifications preventing the two cryptocurrencies from actually being the same; after the split, you cannot send coins from one side of the split to the other. After the split, your private key can be used to unlock your coins on both the original system and the modified system.

It's like if someone got their hands on a copy of the database and created starting with the database but with different features. You could use the same login credentials to login at either or But after the clone was created, if you received email, it would not show up at, and vice-versa. Similarly, you can use the same private key to spend money on the original currency or the modified currency, but after the split they diverge.

Anyone can create a split. It only requires a few lines of code changes. But splits only matter if people of economic significance actually use the split (ie. they must run the modified software).

Splits happen in the following situations:

 - In a contentious hardfork.
 - In a user-activated softfork (UASF) which lacks both majority mining power at the time of activation and near-unanimous support from the economy. If it has one or the other, then a split does not result.
 - In a BIP9-style miner-triggered softfork where a very large number of miners are lying about their enforcement of the softfork. (Unlikely.)

What happens to my bitcoins in a split?

It's similar to a stock spin-off. You have x BTC beforehand, and afterward you have both x BTC and x "BTC-X". But very importantly, your wallet will not magically know that it is now able to unlock both currencies. If your wallet is not updated to account for the split, then you will only be able to spend one of the currencies, probably the more "status-quo" one. Another possibility is that your wallet could be updated, but only to support a different currency than it would've otherwise, not to support both. It is not unreasonable for wallets to support only one currency, since they really weren't originally designed/intended to support multiple. But if your wallet only supports one of the currencies, then you will usually end up throwing away some or all of the other currency when you next send coins after the split, as a side-effect of the transaction -- this is called "replay".

Value is unpredictable. Like a stock split or spin-off, you'd vaguely expect the value of BTC  immediately before the split to equal the sum of the values of "BTC" and "BTC-X" immediately after the split. But if a split like this is anything close to a 50-50 split (in relation to economic adoption/value, not node or miner adoption), then the whole thing will probably be unbelievably, catastrophically messy, which may result in the combined value crashing. On the other hand, if the minority currency is pretty small and things don't get too messy, the minority side could be speculatively overvalued (similar to altcoins) without affecting the majority side too much, causing the combined value to rise somewhat.

Which side of the split is the real Bitcoin?

That depends on a wide variety of factors, and to some degree it is subjective. The most important factor is which currency people/businesses/exchanges accept: if for example one currency is accepted by 95% of the pre-split economy, and the other is accepted by only 5% of the pre-split economy, then the 95% one is probably truly Bitcoin, and the other one can be considered a Bitcoin-derived altcoin. Note that mining power has very little influence here.

Some might say that both currencies post-split are valid incarnations of Bitcoin, but it is my philosophy that only one Bitcoin can exist at any one time; any uncertainty is only a temporary feature, and at least in hindsight there will be a single unbroken path from Satoshi's original Bitcoin to the current one.

What should I do to secure my bitcoins?

First of all, remove all bitcoins possible from banks/exchanges/"hosted wallets". If you can't export your private keys, then you don't actually control the bitcoins. This is a good idea in general, but it's especially important in case of splits. If you're using a Bitcoin bank, then you will have no control over what happens to your coins. Quite possibly, the bank will end up stealing/losing one of the currencies that you should have access to, either through greed/malice or technical incompetence, and the currency they throw away might well be the only one that ends up having any long-term value.

Possible splits are usually predictable some time in advance (see the next section). If in doubt, avoid sending transactions or trusting received transactions 12 hours before and up to a few days after the split time, and check the forum for more news. If a major split happens, I will very likely make a post and news item explaining how to handle the situation. Coins at rest are not at risk.

Generally, after a split:

 - If you want to completely ignore (ie. discard) one of the currencies, and your wallet is already set up to ignore that currency, then you don't have to do anything.
 - If you want to completely ignore (ie. discard) one of the currencies, and your wallet is set up to support only that currency, then you might be able to change the software's settings after the split, or you might have to switch to different wallet software.
 - If you want to use both currencies at the same time or sell one of the currencies, then you will probably have to follow a somewhat-complicated series of steps possibly involving running some extra software in order to cleanly split your coins and eliminate the possibility of replay.

What are SegWit, BIP148, UASFs, and "UAHF", and how do they relate to this? / When might a split happen?

SegWit is a set of changes to Bitcoin which increases the max block size, among other improvements. Under its initial BIP141/BIP9 deployment plan, there is almost no chance of a split.

A user-activated softfork (UASF) is a general method of deploying softforks (like SegWit). UASFs have been done in the past, both by Satoshi and after Satoshi left. Unlike the BIP9 deployment method originally planned for SegWit, a UASF does not require any miner cooperation. A UASF can fail, but only through insufficient economic adoption, not by any miner action. However, splits are more likely with UASFs than with BIP9 deployments, especially when the UASF is done on a compressed schedule. (For ideally-low split risk, a UASF would take about a year to activate.)

BIP148 is one specific UASF. It is intended to activate SegWit. It activates and may cause a split on August 1. If it succeeds economically, it will activate SegWit by November.

The large Bitcoin miner Bitmain announced that they might engage in a (nonsensically-named) "user activated hardfork" ("UAHF") shortly after BIP148 activates if BIP148 has any success. This would definitely cause an additional split, resulting in up to three currencies: BIP148-Bitcoin, Bitmain-coin, and (depending on the degree of BIP148's success) status-quo-Bitcoin. As mentioned previously, if you have x BTC before the split, you'll be technically able to claim x of all three of these currencies after the split.

The next time when a split is predicted to possibly happen is therefore August 1, 2017 at midnight UTC.

OK wallets

The following wallets give you some theoretical way of exporting your private keys, so they should be safe to hold BTC during Aug 1. Depending on what happens after Aug 1, you may have to export your private keys and use different software, though. (Do not go doing this willy-nilly in a panic, though -- wait for agreement and clear instructions from several sources. There will be no rush.)

The ones in bold are ones that I also tend to like for other reasons. The ones in italic seem to make it difficult to export your private keys, or I particularly dislike them for other reasons.

Bitcoin Wallet for Android
Simple Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin Core
Bitcoin Knots

Digital Bitbox

Green Address*

* Note for Green Address: You must either use a 2of3 account or have nLockTime transactions emailed to you in the settings. Otherwise you're trusting Green Address too much.

Philippines / Itim at puting kalabaw
« on: August 03, 2017, 09:21:36 PM »
Nakita ko lang ito sa facebook pero natawa ako ng husto kaya i seshare ko dito sa forum

REPORTER: Sir, konteng Interview lang po tungkol sa mga kalabaw nyo.  :)
REPORTER: San nyo po cla pinapaliguan?
FARMER: Yung Itim o ung puti?
REPORTER: Ung itim.
FARMER: Ah, sa sapa.
REPORTER: Eh ung Puti?
FARMER: Sa sapa rin.
REPORTER: (tumaas ang kilay) Ah, ganun po ba. Ano pong pinapakain nyo sa mga kalabaw nyo?
FARMER: Ung itim o ung puti?
REPORTER: Ah, ung puti.
REPORTER: Eh ung itim?
FARMER: Damo dn.
REPORTER: (mejo nainis) San nyo po sila pinapatulog?  :-X
FARMER: Ung puti o ung itim?
REPORTER: Ung itim!  :-\
FARMER: Sa ilalim ng puno.
REPORTER: eh ung puti.😁
FARMER: Sa ilalim dn ng puno.
REPORTER: (Nainis) teka nga, bkit mo pa tinatanong kung ung itim o ung puti, eh pareho lang nmn sagot mo?!?  :o
FARMER: ah, ganito kc yan... ung itim sa Akin kc un.
REPORTER: eh ung puti?
FARMER: Sa kin din.  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Introduce Yourself / Jude Afante here and making noise
« on: July 28, 2017, 02:44:06 PM »
I am very active in our old forum and looking forward to participating here  and actively post in this forum
thanks for reinstalling this forum, we now had a good start.. :)

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