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Bitcoin Discussions / Re: I Dream for Bitcoin to Go 500K
« on: September 13, 2017, 10:21:50 PM »
Last night, I had a dream: Bitcoin making it into the P500K level. That would make 1 Bitcoin is so huge and just 2 a piece can already make one a millionaire. I could already buy a small house and lot with that 500K here in the province or maybe a small farm where I can then literally retire.

What do you want to buy if Bitcoin will already be P500K?
Before we go to that figure we must first pass the many fuds and fake news surrounding bitcoin right now, China just banned ico and a one guy who people look up as authoritative shouts Bitcoin is a bubble and because of this price is dropping.

General Discussion / Re: dogecoin rate 😊
« on: September 13, 2017, 09:59:32 PM »
Start your journey in cryptocurrencies world 😊 add some spices 😁😁
1 DOGE is 0.00000045 when its converted to bitcoin,.get in touch in free sites that gives you free doge 😊😁😊 happy earnings 😊😊♥♥♥

I first bought my dogecoin when it was trading at 28 sats I thought it will not pass the 40 barriers but after months of waiting they did pass my target threshold, I sold some of my dogecoin to regain my investment and I'm still holding a lot and running for profit.

I am sure you all have encountered the topic of Bitcoin bubble. It means to say that there would come a time when Bitcoin's value would eventually go down because it can be unsustainable. Based on history of so many financial bubbles in the history, many analysts concluded that Bitcoin will be no different.

But is Bitcoin really on the same league as those many bubbles in the history? Or do you think that Bitcoin is so different that it can be able to hold on to its many gains and not be a victim of a big bubble?

We have experts to address this issue, they have huge stakes to make sure that Bitcoin will not disappear, this is the reason why there are a lot of fork and hardfork and additional features to make Bitcoin fast and anonymous and stay as it intended to be.

Bitcoin Discussions / Re: Speculators on Bitcoin
« on: September 05, 2017, 07:37:07 AM »
I think we all belong to this category as of now. We are hoarding Bitcoin as much as we can and we are not using it to buy or transact anything because we are sure that its value can soon be rising to an astronomical level. We are then treating Bitcoin more as an asset and less like a currency.

And I don't see something wrong with it because Bitcoin is now considered as a digital gold...and we don't use gold to pay for our everyday expenses, right?

Are you also an speculator just like me and the many?

Well I am both I don't have much funds on paypal to buy online so if there's option to buy my stuff online with Bitcoin I used it, I am also a speculator just like all the rest of us because in the first place that's what attract us the most about Bitcoin.

General Discussion / Re:
« on: September 03, 2017, 06:29:03 AM »
bcoz its not safe for saving money..many account are hack and im one of them..

I have not known any one in my online circles that use where their account has been hacked if your account was hacked pls specified how did it happen and have you fixed it because security is tight.

General Discussion / Re: Legit altcoins pls.
« on: September 03, 2017, 06:12:53 AM »
Which new altcoins are best to invest? No scam please..

The top 20 altcoin in the market, you can find it in are the best to invest and the most secured also, if you are looking for an ico to invest then the team who manage it and their expertise is what you should look for .

General Discussion / Re: Sources of Free Tokens
« on: September 01, 2017, 08:16:48 PM »
I already sign up from Bitcointalk this is a hot topic in Bitcointalk because everybody wants free money but it's still an IUO., it's still useless unless the dev start developing their project's roadmap.

Philippines / Nag iinvest din ba kayo sa ibang cryptocurrency o altcoin?
« on: September 01, 2017, 05:20:32 PM »
Alam naman ng lahat na naging milyonaryo ang mga unang adopter ng Bitcoin at ng iba pang coin tulad ng litecoin,ethereum at iba pang coins..

Nag iinvest din ba kayo ngayun sa ibang altcoin na may mataas na potential sa market sa hinaharap?

Philippines / Re: bitcoin fork
« on: September 01, 2017, 05:17:54 PM »
hello nabsa aq isa s mga forum n mgkakaroon n nmn dw ng bitcoin fork s november?anu n nmn kya ang mangyayari o bka my bgao n nmn iddadag na currency..nung last n bitcoin fork..prang hndi nmn nkilala ang bitcoin cash ms angat p rin ang bitcoin..

anu ang pahayag mo tungkol dito..

Ang totoo malaki ang posibilidad na magkakaroon nga ng Bitcoin fork sa November nag check ako ng mga advantage at disadvantages pero nung nakaraang fork marami ang kumita isa na ako doon so far hati pa rin ang lahat anyway malayo pa naman kaya makikita pa natin ang lahat ng posibilidad.

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3. After this 20% distribution we are going to distribute the rest of commissions (80%) among all
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4. How to hack our system! You can link unlimited number of trading accounts to your token holding
account and use the feature mentioned in the paragraph 1 as a referral system, sharing commission
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5. We will distribute all 100% of collected commissions among our shareholders excluding expenses
on a regular monthly basis. (STE) Token Structure
We designed our token in such a way that it could fully support the whole life cycle of our DAO. Such
measures have been undertaken so that to make sure the price of STE would continually strengthen
and grow. First, presell investors will get 10% of the tokens sold during ICO. Second, the price at the
beginning of ICO would double from the very start and will double every 5% of tokens is sold. We even
provided the way “to hack our system” in order for our investors to benefit the most using our partner
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  Investor advantages:
1. Fixed token supply of 100 000 000 STE (8 decimals) with no possibility of additional
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deliberately excluded such a scenario. After ICO we will burn unsold tokens. This provision is
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2. Transparent Phase 1 (Presell) terms with the minimum limit of 500 ETH and maximum
cap of 15 000 ETH to raise. The cap during presell phase is needed to make sure the presell
investors are not diluted during the ICO phase. This provision is made in the DAO contract.
3. Presell investors are generously rewarded for early contribution and will get 10% of the
funds raised during the next ICO. For example, if we raise 2 500 ETH during presell and 250
000 ETH during ICO, 25 000 ETH will be distributed among the presell investors. That is 10
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4. If the minimum limit is not reached during Phase 1 (presell) all ether is returned to
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5. The presell is deemed successful and automatically stops before official closing time if
the cap of 15 000 ETH is reached. This provision is made in the DAO contract.
6. During the ICO the STE coin price will automatically double after every 10% portion of
coins is sold. For example, if the start price of STE is 0.001 ETH, after 10% of all tokens is
sold, the price will become 0.002 ETH, after another 10% (that is 20%) it will be 0.004 and so
on. You will be able to sell your tokens after the ICO ends.
7. Upon completion of the public ICO all investors of the presell round receive 10% of the
amount raised during ICO.
8. After ICO the founders receive a 30% stake in the company in the form of STE tokens.
After the tokens are allocated to the founders, all tokens that are not sold are destroyed, it is
calculated by the following formula: Tokens for Destruction = General Supply - Presell Sum –
ICO Amount - Founder's tokens. This is the provision of the token’s contract.
9. Our contract ensures the distribution of profits is made proportionally to the number of
tokens you hold relative to their total supply. So, if you own 12% of our tokens, then you will
receive 12% of the exchange profits.

  Core Team

  Dividends plan
We expect to get hold of at least 5% of currency-exchange market in the first year of operations and
become one of 10 biggest cryptocurrency exchanges.
• Current market daily trade volume on major exchanges: $1,000,000,000 -$4,000,000,000
• Yearly volume growth: ~1,000%. Projected daily volume in one year: ~$10,000,000,000
• 5% share of this market (our target): $500,000,000-$2,000,000,000
• Our daily commissions based on industry average 0.2%: $1,000,000 - $4,000,000
• Commissions to be distributed daily for each 1000 STE tokens based on calculations above: $10-$40. That amounts to $300-1,200 a month in just dividends.
• Yearly commissions distribution for 1,000 STE tokens: $3,650-$14,600
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So, your expected (but not guaranteed) yearly ETH return can be 18 to 73 times of original
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And remember, we are just talking about internal potential value of the project itself, excluding
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Note: all numbers provided in USD for demonstration purposes only.

  Road Map
What has already been done by our team:
  • We’ve created a new concept of exchange system and basic market-making algorithms, which
    differentiate our project from any other existing on the market at the moment. Key advantages of our
    system are HFT (high frequency trading) algorithms, able to provide an order more liquidity for coin-to-coin
    exchange in one place than ever before. The result of that for an end user will be much narrower
    spreads between buy and sell offers, and an ability to trade much bigger amounts from a single trading
  • After presell it will take up to 1 month to hire the rest of the development team (mostly programmers for the front-end)
    and the amount of funds we'll get on presell stage determines how fast we can build the prototype and
    move forward.
  • We expect to create architecture and API's in two months, and within the next two months – the
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  • In about 8 months we are going to bring advanced financial instruments like leverage, portfolio
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STeX Up! Sophisticated partner program

We link your Ethereum wallet to your partner referral id so that no payment is missed.
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Total bounty budget is 3% of all tokens issued during both preSale phase and next ICO.  Total coin supply is limited to 100,000,000 STE tokens. Unsold tokens are burned automatically as a provision in the Ethereum contract.

1)   We have made a very special state-of-the art bounty program STeX Award! based on our AI core. Whenever a make a comment, post with your signature link, a video on YouTube with your link in the description, just copy the page address (url) and place this into the special form on our website along with your Ethereum wallet address. Both our artificial intelligence and manual moderation will place this URL into our database and at the end of the preSale and ICO calculate the size of the stake you earned by spreading the news about our unique project.

2)   We also suggest that you join our STeX Up! partner program and earn 10% on every investor you recommend. You just need to fill in your Ethereum wallet for payouts a get your personal referral link.

3)   And that’s not all. Choose to get paid either in ETH or our STE tokens. All payments are done after preSale end and during ICO automatically per your request by clicking the Withdraw button on our website. This provision is made in our Ethereum contract and we can’t change it. This guarantees everybody gets paid in full.

What’s unique about our STeX Award! bounty program?

It’s automatic and fair you can spread the news where people talk about cryptocurrencies, ICO, presale and blockchain. Our algorithms will calculate the number of visitors, clicks, likes, filter out spam and distribute the 3% pool proportionally among all participants. Translation and other specific campaigns will get additional reward and are checked on manual basis. YouTube video reviews are given special priority. So, make the most of it.
Warning! Don’t spam! We block spammers forever!
Make all comments meaningful, add a unique spin to a post and contribute creatively.

Bounty STE coins are distributed as follows:
Translation campaign 10%
Youtube compaing 40%
Signature, Reddit, twitter, facebook, blog campaigns 50%

Bounty thread is here

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Announcement / Re: [ANN] [PRE-SALE] Cove Identity ICO
« on: August 27, 2017, 06:55:44 AM »
This looks interesting I've checked it on Bitcointalk thread and there's a lot of coming up in their thread since this is a presale and not yet an ico, I don't like pre sale because it disrupt the  ico stage


My waves wallet

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