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Blocksmatter conducts an assessment report on Modex

The Modex platform makes it easy and seamless for users to have access to smart contracts, and cryptocurrencies. With Modex, developers will be able to monetize their blockchain developing skills, and also make available, Smart Contract solutions to both the contributors and end-customers. #Modex #Blockchain #SmartContracts #Cryptocurrencies

Grain ICO - Powerful Solution for Labor on the Blockchain by The Crypto Lark

Meet the Grain advisors: Temme Sikkema

Blockchain Foundry Inc is a #blockchain #development company with #experience and #history that goes back to 2013! Learn more from the founders of the @syscoin #sys platform!

Announcement / Re: : Public BETA is now LIVE!
« on: April 23, 2018, 06:36:29 AM »
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Neblio $NEBL listed on Tradesatoshi Exchange

New review by Young And Investing:

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There is so much you can do with a smart contract. In order to make smart contracts even smarter, we are working on providing a set of libraries for different programming languages, that will allow you to pull external information into the #blockchain

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