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General Discussion / iPhone 8 and 2800 Fortnite V-Bucks Giveaway
« on: April 16, 2018, 01:52:53 AM »

StreamMe is excited to announce the iPhone 8 and 2.800 Fortnite V-Bucks Giveaway - Promotion ends Avril 29 at 11.59PM.PT

One lucky winner will be drown and announced on @StreamMe twitter page!

🔹Join Here :

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Disscussion / Trezor Wallet and Ledger Nano S Giveaway!
« on: April 02, 2018, 03:25:42 AM »

Join the ArthaCoin airdrop and get $10 worth of token (for all participants)

2 winners will get the chance to win a Trezor White and a Ledger Nano S
(competition through Gleam  - 12 days left)

 🎯 Join The Contest Here :
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Disscussion / 5000 Aeron (ARN) Token Giveaway! ( worth $6000)
« on: March 30, 2018, 04:38:20 AM »

5000 Aeron (ARN) Token Giveaway!

Aeron is the new standard of aviation safety powered by blockchain. (@aeron_aero on Twitter)

There will be10 winners, 500 Aeron (ARN) Token (~$600) per winner.
(competition through Gleam - 20 days left)

🎯 Join Here :
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Posh Space Contest Prize Pool 1000000 POSH Tokens to win ! Value $10000 USD

Posh SPACE is a platform for digital fashion industry, that enables brands,artists and technological companies interact together to bring digital wear and accessories to the customers.

The winnings will be distributed after ICO by, is the organizer of this contest.

25 winners will share equitably the total of prize pool of 1.000.000 PSH Token (about 40.000 token/winner)

✅ Competition through Gleam, 22 days left.

🎯 Join Here :
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General Discussion / Google Pixel2 128GB Giveaway
« on: March 20, 2018, 09:20:14 PM »

To celebrate the launch of their new look Gleam website along with the Capture & Gallery apps coming out of BETA, Gleam is giving away a 5" 128GB Google Pixel 2.

Contest is open Worldwide, 31 days left,
extra bonuses for completing all actions.

🎯 Join Here :

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General Discussion / ZenMarket's Spring MEGA GIVEAWAY!!!
« on: March 01, 2018, 07:24:57 AM »

ZenMarket is giving away some goodies in the Early Spring Mega Giveaway. Get a brand new PS4 or some other awesome prize from Japan, like a Fujifilm instant camera or Japanese boxes courtesy of ZenPop JP.

Howt o participate:
👉 👈

The prizes are: 🎮 SONY PlayStation 4 500GB Black❤ 🤖 Sphero Star Wars BB-8 9E 😲 📷 Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Instant Camera Cheki 👍 🎁 A ZenPop pack of your choice 🎁 Another ZenPop pack of your choice. It's only until Sunday!

To participate enter the contest in gleam here :

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WCX is about to become the best cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

 New Exchange Wcex ICO, 50 Tokens Free, Confirm Email and get WCX 50 Tokens Free = 5$ Free ( + 50 tokens for every referral )

➡ They plan to distribute part of their fee profits as dividends to WCX token holders.

🎯 Join with me Here :

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⚫ Also sign up with my link and you'll get an extra 15% bonus on any tokens you purchase. (in addition to the bonuses already applied in the ICO & Pre-Sale)

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The Super Bowl is Here! Over 300 game specials available.

Cloudbet is pleased to commemorate the pinnacle of the NFL season with the release of Prop Bets for Super Bowl 52, the latest initiative in Cloudbet quest to be the best sportsbook offering on the planet.
This launch will see Cloudbet football markets explode to over 300, so if players want to bet on the Eagles rushing for over 111.5 yards, on the total number of Field Goals attempted or whether Tom Brady and the Patriots will overcome a 28-3 deficit to win the 2nd half, you can do it all on Cloudbet

⚡ Sign up Bonus UP to 5 Free Bitcoin! (bitcoins-for-bitcoins)

🎯 Join with me Here :

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Disscussion / PRE-ICO Bounty $10k @EtherSportz Campaign!
« on: December 12, 2017, 10:02:26 AM »

EtherSportz The future of eSports online: Win Cash, Ether & Bitcoin playing games you love!

EtherSportz is being developed as an online eSports tournament platform for popular computer games. They want to give gamers an easy way to participate in eSports tournaments anytime from anywhere. Gamers can participate in EtherSportz prize pool tournaments and paying a Cash, Bitcoin or Ether entry fee. The top tournament winners will receive 90% of the prize pool generated by the entry fees. The remaining 10% will go to support the EtherSportz platform and pay investors quarterly dividends.

➡ PRE-ICO Bounty $10k @EtherSportz Sweepstakes :

The $10k ESZCoin bounty campaign is still in progress! top 10 leaderboard and 10 random winners! will receive a total of $10k.

🎯Join Here :



@eBitcoinSilver : Tokenised Bitcoin Silver on the Ethereum blockchain.

50 applicants will be randomly selected to receive 2000 eBTCS each!
20 hours left to enter to win 2000 eBTCS, 50 lots are up for grabs.

🎯 Enter to win 2000 eBTCS :

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Hey @investFeed Fans! Checkout the competition for the chance to win a Ledger Nano S and 10,000 IFT Tokens!
(competition via Gleam - 20 hours left)

🎯 Join Here :

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Disscussion / FaFa Twins Paid out Big at Bitstarz !
« on: November 29, 2017, 04:21:50 AM »

Black Friday has always been a day where stores give you great deals. At BitStarz, it proved to be a day where the slots embraced the message of giving as well!

 One of the players managed to land a stunning $81,000 payout on the cute slot FaFa Twins, which is a lot better than 50% off a new Xbox. Right?


🌍 Get Invited by me :

👉 👈

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General Discussion / Apple Watch Series 3 with GPS + Cellular Giveaway !
« on: November 28, 2017, 12:59:11 AM »

Gleam is giving away this incredible new Apple Watch serie 3 with GPS + Cellular. This is the latest version of Apple's Watch Series and features cellular connectivity, so you can stay connected on the go without needing your phone.
This contest is open worldwide (18 days left)

🎯 Join Here :



General Discussion / 3 Ledger Nano S Giveaway!
« on: November 28, 2017, 12:35:35 AM »

3 Ledger Nano S Giveaway from @CompleteIRA
(worldwide contest - 9 days left)

🎯 Entre Here :

👉 👈


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Christmas Day giveaway from @ICOExaminer : $2000 Bitcoin (4x $500) and 20 LedgerNanoS in prizes.

The ICOExaminer Crypto-Christmas Giveaway ($2000 BTC + 20 Ledger Nano S)

◾ ICOExaminer is giving 24 supporters the chance to win one of FOUR $500 Bitcoin prizes or one of twenty, yes TWENTY, Ledger Nano S.  Winners will be drawn at random and the results will be announced on Christmas Day at 10 AM GMT.


👉 👈


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