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Many of you have shown interest in our ROI calculation method. So, we would like to share with you the document that best demonstrates what stands behind those profitability numbers.
In the spreadsheet, you can find detailed calculations regarding the projected revenue for the first year.
Go to > Documents > Calculations

Watch spreadsheet explanation video

These past few weeks have been incredibly exciting for Modex and we're thrilled to share the progress we've made with the Modex Marketplace, including the Modex developers tools ecosystem we are currently working on.
Join us tomorrow for our weekly Q&A and find out all about it! 2P.M. CET or 9:00am EST

We've come a long way with the Modex Marketplace, since we launched on March 15th: 65 published contracts, 133 sales and 92 compilations.
We are grateful to all the developers and clients who have joined our platform so far!

#Syscoin 3.0: The New #Blockchain Application Development Platform for #Leaders, #Inventors, and #Innovators #fintech #masternodes #assets #ZDAG $SYS
Announcement / Re: [ANN][ICO] HOLDVEST: Universal gateway to the crypto markets
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Respected angel investor and in-demand advisor Yehoshua Westover has joined Plaza Systems as Director of Business Development & Innovation, Greater #China
5 days left before the Presale ends. Do not miss a chance to get Ambt Tokens with 20% discount and join our Presale now.
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Blocksmatter conducts an assessment report on Modex

The Modex platform makes it easy and seamless for users to have access to smart contracts, and cryptocurrencies. With Modex, developers will be able to monetize their blockchain developing skills, and also make available, Smart Contract solutions to both the contributors and end-customers. #Modex #Blockchain #SmartContracts #Cryptocurrencies
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