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How To Start Here
« on: July 28, 2017, 07:11:15 PM »
This is a profit sharing  and pay to post community
We have our token created using the waves platform
our token is Cryptovillecoin (CVC)
and we are using this token to rewards our members and participants from

  • Posting here in our forum
  • Participating in various task here like facebook sharing and tweeting

Please get a waveswallet here
Be sure to keep your seed, password and wallet address in a place where you
are the only one that can access. has their own decentralized exchange inside
so you can trade your Cryptovillecoin (CVC) anytime

We always had a buy order
our Buy order right now is 10 sats it's a prelaunch price
and we are going to work hard to create value to our Token

We are looking to launch our Token after the August 1 fork to see how the market reacts
Everything is set for the launch.

Please check out our rules and paying sections

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