Author Topic: How to Compile CGA wallet from source (OSX)  (Read 444 times)


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How to Compile CGA wallet from source (OSX)
« on: August 07, 2017, 01:33:35 AM »
Here is a tutorial to compile your OSX CGA wallet from the source. Let me know if I made any typos.

First get Xcode:

Then get Macports from here:

Then enter the following command in Terminal:
sudo port install boost db48@+no_java qt4-mac openssl git-core
This will install the dependencies you need for the compile.
Then enter the following to clone the source from github:
git clone
Now change directories to what was just cloned:
cd cryptographicanomaly
Now compile your Qt wallet with the following:
qmake *.pro && make
Your will be in the cryptographicanomaly folder. I suggest moving it into your Applications folder (keeping your system organized [Image: default_wink.png] )
If you want the cryptographicanomalyd program (headless daemon) enter this next command (assuming that you are still in the cryptographicanomaly directory:
cd src && make -f makefile.osx
The cryptographicanomalyd program will be in your cryptographicanomaly/src folder.