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SocialStake - SCS
-Same Dev as BitcoinStake & BitcoinCashStake & LitecoinStake & DashStake

What is SocialStake?

SocialStake is the social currency with PoS 5% per year.  Get paid to promote other people's content on social media. Your number of "Reach" (eg: Twitter followers, Facebook friends, etc.) will be equivalent to SocialStake coins.  This coin already has a use, and is a great way to virally share your content.  The more users share this coin, the more valuable the coin becomes. SocialStake is 100% Free Airdrop Distribution (to virally share this ANN).

Wallet software

Windows Wallet: [1][2]
Linux Wallet: [1][2]
Source: [1][2]

Airdrop Details

  I want to reward early adopters, and share the early growth of SocialStake. The free airdrop will be as follows: (~400,000,000 SocialStake coins total)

  1) ALL MEMBERS QUALIFY, including Brand New & Newbie Accounts:

  2) Share This ANN on Social Media.

  3) Your "Reach" (eg: Twitter followers, Facebook friends, etc.) = Airdrop SocialStake Coins.

  4) You will need to PM BOTH Receiving Address AND Share link to get airdrop.

  5) You may claim airdrops DAILY.  If you share this content often, you will get airdrops often.

  The transaction and usernames will be logged in google spreadsheet publicly viewable.

  View Spreadsheet Here   - All transactions have been accounted for in this document (including dev staking coins and reserve)

  We don't have a block explorer yet, but when we do, you can verify it.

  Download the Wallet, PM me your Receiving Address AND Share Link, and I'll send the Coins and update the spreadsheet.  
 Reply Thank you if you received the coins so people can verify.

If you are a Social Media Supplier, and want to get exposure from customers, PM me and I will add you to this list (so people can find you easier):

View SocialStake Suppliers Here:

Technical Specifications

  Algorithm Scrypt
  Type PoW/PoS
  Coin name SocialStake
  Coin abbreviation SCS
  Address letter S
  RPC port 25090
  P2P port 25089
  Block reward 1,000 coins
  Total coin supply 1,000,000,000 coins
  Premine percent 58%
  Premine amount 580,00,000 coins

  PoS percentage   5% per year
  Last PoW block   block 10,000
  Coinbase maturity 10 blocks
  Target spacing 64 seconds
  Target time span 1 block
  Transaction confirmations 6 blocks


Anyone who wants to develop these items to progress the coin will be awarded: 1,000,000 SocialStake Coins.

1) Getting Coin listed on first exchange
2) Block Explorer
3) Compile Mac OS Wallet from source
4) Mobile Wallets (Android/iOS)
5) First PR article published on well respected crypto news site.
6) Write and Publish White Paper
7) Create and operate Social Media Channels (Twitter, Facebook, Slack, Reddit, Telegram, etc)
8 ) Upload source code to github
9) Compile wallet for Raspberry Pi

F.A.Q. and troubleshoot

  How do I add nodes?
   1. You must download the wallet, open it and then close it.
   2. Go to your %appdata% folder (just type %appdata% into the Windows Explorer address bar)(/home/username/.socialstake/socialstake.conf for Linux)
   2. Create file called socialstake.conf
   4. Open the socialstake.conf file with Notepad and copy&paste the nodes(below) into the file.

Code: [Select]
  5. Again start the wallet and wait for it to be synced.

  How to stake coins?
   1) First you need a balance, to stake.
   2) Leave your wallet open, don't spend your coins.
   3) You can reserve certain amount of coins to stake, under "settings > options" in wallet GUI
   4) Coins start staking after holding for 10 blocks.  Passively.

  How I can run a Node?
        -If you have your wallet open and are connected to the internet, you are running a node.

  Why I didn't Receive my Airdrop Coins?

   1) You should, everybody is qualified, as long as you send Receiving Address & Share Link.