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Exchange KuCoin and KuCoin shares Profit Sharing Exchange
« on: November 01, 2017, 11:51:05 AM »

What is Kucoin? It is a project which has huge potential. Let's explain step by step.
First, Kucoin exchange is based in Hong Kong. Their volume is growing every day ( in last 7 days from 2 million to the 7 million USD).
As you can see, Kucoin is growing daily. Why am I writing about Kucoin?
1) Kucoin has their own exchange.

2) Their exchange has very low fee ( 0.1%). For example, Bittrex or Poloniex has 0.25% and it is 2.5 times more.

3) Once they add new coin to exchange, you can trade for 0.00% fee. It will happen with DGB. They will list DGB on 6th November and you will be able to trade DGB with 0.00% fee. Isn't that amazing!?

4) Their support is awesome. You can get the answer in couple of minutes and that is big :+1: for them. Bittrex or Polonex support is awful at the moment. Yeah, you will say they had much more users and that is true but they need to upgrade their support if they want to be biggest exchanges!!!

5) They are sharing 90% of fee with members!!! So from 0.1% fee, they will get 0.01% and member 0.09%. What is the rule of sharing fee? Every day, Kucoin holders are getting 50% of fee according to coin supply that they had. So if you hold a lot of Kucoin you will get more, but for 1 Kucoin everyone will get the same amount of coins but the difference is when someone is holding 10 coins and someone 100 000. That's why this guy with 100 000 will get 10 000 times more coins than guy with 10 but both will receive something. So just by holding you will get free coins.

6) To confirm 5), I am getting every day so it is true. I thought to share review about Kucoin few days ago but I wanted to test it and it is working.

7) Bro you told they are sharing 90% with members and then you told 50%! Are you good bro  :)? Where is 40%? They are cheating us?!

No, they are not cheating us and I think I am good  :) They had referral structure. If I invite you, I will be getting 20% of your fee that you make a lifetime. If you invite someone, you are going to receive 20%, but I am going to receive 12% too. If your referral invite someone, he is going to receive 20%, you are going to receive 12% and I am going to receive 8% for every trade. Maybe you think it is not big but I traded on Poloniex with more than 100BTC and my totaltrade volume is over 1000BTC for sure. For example that I traded on Kucion with same money, 0.1% of 1000BTC is 1BTC, and 20% of that is 0.2BTC and it is $1200. So my " sponsor " would make huge money just by referring me and doing nothing. This is something that will push this exchange more and more up and if they continue to have great support, we can see this exchange soon in top exchanges.

8) Today volume is 7 million, but the top1 exchange has 1 Billion volume. If Kucoin reach 1% of that, Kucoin holders will get great % of coins every single day just by holding this coin.

9) Ok, I told everything about Kucoin exchange, but what is about Kucoin coin. With all these background support, it can reach at least $10-$20 in future ( I mean 3-6 months or even earlier). Current price is $0.8 per coin. I bought 200 coins and I am going to buy 800 today or tomorrow to have 1000 coins and if BTC continues going up Kucoin could be even cheaper so I will buy more coins for sure.

They are a very active exchange. They are adding more and more coins. Their goal is 1000 coin pairs. That would be huge. I am following them 15 days and they added 2-3 coins and going to add Digibytre on 6th November.
This is Asian exchange and we all know power of Asia so they will push it up and up.
Referral program will push this exchange and coin even more.
Fee split will push too.

So a lot of positive things is happening here. I think you could take a look and maybe invest. Who knows what would happen with your investment in few months. You are going to receive free coins just by holding + coin value will go up I guess so this should be good investment.

If you want more info, check whitepaper here:
If you want me as your sponsor, you can join under this link: