Author Topic: [ANN][AIRDROP] EtherGreen - GREEN token! How can we help nature?  (Read 549 times)


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[ANN][AIRDROP] EtherGreen - GREEN token! How can we help nature?
« on: November 19, 2017, 06:34:32 AM »

Who are you?

We are a small team of enthusiasts and co-thinkers concerned about the future of our planet.

Why should I join you?

We do not force you. Everyone has an individual choice and interests Ė we appreciate it. We offer to join us for a close-knit community that values nature preservation.

Why did you choose Etherium?

Etheriumís opportunities do not restrict us in any way. This platform is perfect for tackling our tasks. The core thing is that itís safe, fast, cheap and time-tested.

Is there a future for the team of developers?

We plan to support our community forever. We will always have a job as we protect nature.

Will tokens be sold?

No. This contradicts our concept. This is not the purpose of GREEN token. It is possible to receive a token through Airdrop for free.

How can we help nature?

After the completion of Airdrop, we aim to enter stock exchanges. Big investors will buy tokens and thereby make donations.
In the future, we will have partners and sponsors (we have certain agreements to be announced later). We will stay fully accountable to our community.

Todayís world is packed with scammers, why should we believe you?

We do not ask for your money and we will never do. We do not sell anything now. We seek to reach many people with our idea.


The Ethereum token standard (ERC20) is used for Ethereum smart contracts.

Total supply: 45,000,000

Contract adress: 0x108caf59641fc5d27502a87e641872b62d606ae2

Token Symbol: GREEN

Decimals:  8

25 000 000 GREEN Airdrop (5000 participants)
 5 000 000 GREEN Reserved for development, partners, sponsors
 5 000 000 GREEN Reserved for listing exchange
 5 000 000 GREEN Bounty
 3 000 000 GREEN Reserved for marketing
 1 000 000 GREEN Lucky Draw (200 participants - December 2017)
 1 000 000 GREEN Lucky Draw (200 participants - January 2018)

Spreadsheets (Check! Duplicates are highlighted.)

Start distribution 21 November 2017. 5000 participants! Duplicates will be deleted!


Introducing GREEN token.
Announcing Airdrop, launching registration.
Closing registration. Distributing tokens.


Creating a forum for community support.
Distribution of duties.
Searching for partners, sponsors.

2018 Q1

Creating GREEN universal wallet.
Opening the first store GREEN Wallet.
Establishing a foundation for nature protection.
Taking part in charity.
(This is a small part of what we want right now. The road map will be expanded.)

Web Site
White Paper
Telegram (Russian)
Bouty Campaign

In other languages

Bahasa Indonesia

Now we can talk about nature through blockchain technology!

Together we can create a huge community of like-minded people! If you have GREEN token, you care about the future of our planet.
The world has many examples of large companies addressing nature preservation issues.
Using their experience, we decided to create a community through blockchain.

We look forward to your cooperation offers. Please, write to us:

Bouty Campaign