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MonetaryUnit [MUE] Details:
Technical Specifications
Coin supply 4,000,000,000 over 120 years.
Block reward 40 MUE per block
Block reward split 45% to POW, 45% to MNs, 10% for budget allocation.
Block time 40 seconds.
MasterNodes require 500,000 MUE collateral
MasterNode shares available. 1 share minimum is 10k MUE, instant earnings and 10% maintenance fee -

Website links
Website homepage -
MUE Crypto Portal -
Poloniex lending bot -
MUE Game Station -
StartMyIO crowd funding - https://StartMy.IO/
Market Cap -

All releases -
Bootstrap -
Nodes/Seed Nodes -

Documentation & guides -
MasterNode Proposals -
Block explorer - 3rd party (includes "Rich list")

Exchanges -
Upbit - -
CryptoBridge -
Bittylicious -

WeMineMUE- 0% fee
WeMineMUE Canada- 0% fee
Give Me Coins - 0% fee - 1% fee MonetaryUnit on e-pool - 2% fee -
swtrse Pool -
ezPool -

Places to spend your hard earned MUE:

Online stores: – a directory of various merchants accepting MUE through the CoinPayments payment gateway - MonetaryUnit poker chips Pay with MUE at ATD Forex trading.  Deposit crypto, trade Forex.  Up to 150% balance bonus
Merchant API and Gateway:
Payment gateway for merchant integration -
Merchant tools to accept MUE on your website -

Strategic partnership with offering us creative, marketing, PR and branding services
Contract signed with commercial partner to offer I.T/Electronics retail website on payable in crypto
Exclusive deal signed giving MUE sole rights to the CryptX portfolio of crypto software solutions - Includes, WebWallets.IO, CoinBuy.IO & more!

Youtube channel -
Graphics -
Social Media Kit - Download zip file here

Promo BBCode Signatures
Hero/Legendary Members: (Link to code:
Quote from: Screenshot Preview
Senior Members: (Link to code:
Quote from: Screenshot Preview
Full Members: (Link to code:
Quote from: Screenshot Preview
Members: (Link to code:
Quote from: Screenshot Preview

500 MUE per new merchant accepting MUE & added to -

Positions in the MonetaryUnit project
Project manager - bizzyb
Developers - pjcltd, swtrse, bbobb, roslinpl, sojuz88, sotblad, mapsi-fixi, scorpion9979
Project support - The_Prof, TheBoccet, c4, Johans
The MonetaryUnit Foundation -
Board of directors -
Foundation -
Any support for the project welcome - contact us if you have a particular project you would like to work on :)

MonetaryUnit launched July 27th 2014.

Secure fast transactions are near instant.
Low per unit value targets usability such as retail, tipping, trading, and everyday use.

Designed to be an inclusive cryptocurrency, with initially low rewards gradually increasing over 5 months and then a fixed block reward of 40 MUE per block (40 seconds) ongoing.
There is no block halving which is common to so many other cryptocurrencies, instead, MonetaryUnit(MUE) is designed to allow newcomers to become involved at any stage.

In the short term MUE is migrating to X11 POW with MasterNodes.
The move will be decisive, taking advantage of the hugely succesful, stable & well developed DASH code base.
This move will attract more miners to help secure the network due to the ease which X11 can be mined.
MasterNodes will require an investment collateral of 500,000 MUE & provide ~25%+ ROI which will attract investors.
10% of the generated block rewards will be set aside for the use of the project for further development.
These combine to reduce the liquidity in the market which should be reflected in a growing price, and provide the project with a long term sustainable future.

The medium/long term success of MUE is not relying soley on new investment & reduced market liquidity.
The team are looking at many innovative & attractive projects designed to attract even more users, miners & investors such as gaming portals, trading bots and white label projects.

MonetaryUnit (MUE)
Not aimed solely at miners, investors, or traders, it is aimed to be palatable to the general public.
For Cryptocurrency to break out of it's techno-niche, it has to break it's techno-mould.

Read More

MUE overview document
The MUE advantage
MasterNode ROI projections
Inflation rate

In the press

Invest It In article 1
Cryptolix article 1
Invest It In article 2
Bizzyb video on hitting $3M market cap


To view our road map, project progression and product/service pipeline please visit our Taiga Kanban at

The image below shows you how easy it is to view the bigger picture of the MonetaryUnit project

Really look forward to you getting on-board to help promote and get involved with MUE.
Please note, DO NOT post your wallet address or insubstantial posts in this thread.  We will report such posts, and it may get you banned.
Please follow the ANN guidelines and only visit the give away link on the external sites.  Thanks & enjoy !


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Altcoin of the week: MONETARYUNIT
January 28, 2018 by GlobalHalo


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MonetaryUnit Welcomes their newest merchant who is accepting $MUE in their online shop!


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MonetaryUnit is now being mined on - high profitability multipool

Fee: only 0.5%


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MonetaryUnit team Latin America hitting teleSUR [pan–Latin American terrestrial and satellite television network] in Venezuela.