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« on: May 03, 2018, 06:53:08 AM »

In 2017, there were a lot of ICOs being launched, Some successful and legit, others, unfortunately, just in it for the quick money…

There was one ICO that was on my radar and that I wished I notified you about…

It raised $31,169,749 from 15,073 participants, making it a tremendous success.

It’s called, and even though their ICO is now over, the story behind this platform is revolutionary.

It works as a cryptocurrency exchange platform and here’s what it’s all about:

It’s created as a utility token that can be used for transactions on a wide range of assets via the exchange
You can use the Trade Token to participate in the shared liquidity pool
Fair & transparent distribution of new issues based on price and demand.
You can use the Trade Token to purchase new assets and IPOs/ICOs on their exchange.

While I regret not letting you know about their ICO earlier, I am very excited to talk to you about their trading platform.

 TradeIO is a next generation financial institution based on blockchain technology.

They’ve created a truly unique platform that will (in my humble opinion) revolutionize asset trading and investment banking.

I know that might seem like a big claim, but here’s why I believe so…

TradeIO will be a trading and financing platform for crypto assets, as well as Forex and CFDs over precious metals, oil, commodities, indices, global equities, to name just a few, when they launch, they’ll be offering more than 120 products.

It’s still in the pre-launch phase, which is why this is the perfect opportunity to sign up for their platform as they’ll most likely limit the number of slots available in the beginning for traders.

The platform is not live just yet, so you can only sign up as beta tester for now!

🔹Join Here :

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