Author Topic: Scammer method using Bitcointalk and Binance  (Read 101 times)


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Scammer method using Bitcointalk and Binance
« on: December 12, 2018, 09:35:10 AM »

I just received an email pretending to be coming from Bitcointalk the email is using a yahoo service mail when it should be a domain email like ( so we can say 100% that it's not coming officially from
Bitcointalk official email..

Here is what the content of the email coming from

"Good day. You are welcomed by a large company Binance!

We want to inform you about the launch of a large-scale AirDrop for the distribution of BNB Coins!
We planned to launch airdrop for a long time, but the market is not very stable and we waited until everything was adjusted.

Now registration is open for everyone. You can get 200 BNB Coins after completing registration.

Thanks for participating.
Official Team Binance.

Binance - We Are 2 Years Old! Distribute 1.000.000 BNB Tokens!
* Required

Founded in 2017 with headquarters in Hong Kong. The CEO is Changpen Jao. Over the six months of work, Binance has entered the list of largest sites in terms of cryptocurrency trading volumes.
In August 2017, financier Yi Hye became one of the leaders of Binance, news of this raised the company's capitalization by 40%. The influx of new users has become so high that in January 2018 the registration of new clients was temporarily closed and the equipment was upgraded due to the increased load. The number of Binance users as of April 2018 is 7.9 million.

In March 2018, due to the demands of the Hong Kong authorities and the increasing regulation of the cryptocurrency market, the management of the exchange decided to move to Malta.

We celebrate our birthday. We are already 2 years old!
Our company holds a special promotion!
You are registered on our website
All of our Binance members only today have the opportunity to get BNB Tokens for free!

Distribution is absolutely free! Be careful. We do not require any funds from you!
Scammers are impersonating official Binance accounts and tweeting to ask for deposits to specific addresses in return for gifts.

You will lose your tokens if you do this!

Binance will never ask you to send coins directly to any address for any reason.

Complete simple tasks to get BNB Coins
Your Email: (Which is Registered on Bianance) *
Twitter: @Name *
Go to your wallet write «Get BNB Coin» so that we can get your wallet number to automatically send BNB
Your personal wallet details remain confidential. It is necessary to exclude the registration of robots. Which register their wallets in our AirDrop This development is made by the Binance team.

Upon completion, AirDrop 200 BNB will be added to your MEW address!

Now they will ask you to click to a  MYETHERWALLET wallet  that lloks like Myetherwallet and ask you to do a sign message

my meta cert extension is giving it a positive rating but I don't want to take my chances because my browser is showing it is not a trusted site"
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Re: Scammer method using Bitcointalk and Binance
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2018, 11:37:02 AM »
I have also received that kind of email and that is not good because metacert is putting a risk on that link I don't know why metacert put a trust on that site, obviously it's a bait, something that we should not go for..