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2500$ USD worth of $ABET to win!
« on: December 20, 2018, 06:16:04 AM »
Altbet team prepared a contest and bounty where you can win a share from $2500 paid in Altbet coins. The contest and bounty starts November 19th and will last until December 31st 2018. Contest based on the gleam app

You can win in three different categories:

1) The Leaderboard prize pool is $1000 in Altbet. The winners will be persons who have the most “entries” in the form. Every user can accumulate that entries through different activities like tweeting, following, inviting friends etc.

1st Place in LeaderBoard : 400 $ABET
2nd Place in LeaderBoard : 200 $ABET
3rd Place in LeaderBoard : 100 $ABET
4th - 5th Place in LeaderBoard : 50 $ABET
   5 Random Winners : 20 $ABET

2) VIDEO BOUNTY AWARDS =  750 $ABET (worth : 750$)
This whole contest includes a VIDEO CONTEST where Altbet will be rewarding the 3 BEST VIDEOS uploaded on Youtube.
(Submitting video lunk via Gleam)

1st Place in ABET Video CONTEST: 425 $ABET
2nd Place in ABET Video CONTEST : 225 $ABET
3rd Place in ABET Video CONTEST : 100 $ABET

 3) And the last is Article Bounty. To participate you need to write an article about Altbet with minimum 350 words. You must provide links to Altbet website and whitepaper. Main prize is the same as in the Video Bounty.

ARTICLE BOUNTY AWARDS =  750 $ABET (worth : 750$)

1st Place in ABET Article CONTEST: 425 $ABET
2nd Place in ABET Article CONTEST : 225 $ABET
3rd Place in ABET Article CONTEST : 100 $ABET

🌐 To participate in this contest enter here (with my referral link) :

👉  👈

(Contest via Gleam - 12 days left)